Who Are You, And What Do You Want?

I’m Dan, a tubby thirtysomething from Watford with too much time on my hands. Pleased to meet you. This website exists because the other option is bellowing at my close friends/family/passersby about obscure details of obscure subjects that get me quite disproportionately irate.

Those of you who’ve been around for a while might notice that I’m trying to tone down the sweariness a bit from the last couple of incarnations of the site. This is because a) filters have been preventing some people accessing the blog at the natural time for browsing whimsical sites full of nonsense (ie, work hours), and b) because it upsets my mum. Sorry, mum.

Why “Blue Man Sings The Whites”?

Because I’m a stickler for tradition, because it sums up so much of my writing so perfectly and because in space, no-one can hear Neil Innes.

Why “Rodafowa”?

Because when I first got online, every variation of my name had already been taken at Yahoo! (man, it’s hell to punctuate that at the end of a sentance). As fate would have it, a friend had described to me one of the many many ways of generating my Star Wars name only a couple of hours earlier, and because I’m a massive nerd that’s what I ended up using first for my email, then as a default forum name at various wretched hives of scum and villainy (see?).

It’s also now my XBox Live GamerTag, as well as my Steam ID. Feel free to add me – my friends lists can always use more excellent people, and I feel as if we’ve bonded. Don’t you feel as if we’ve bonded?