For your consideration – the full and unedited instructions included in the cheap-o-clone XBox 360 headset that arrived yesterday.



  • Promote the on-line community experience of the X-Box Live of the unprecedented in history, let you draw up the strategy with member of team, the interference opponent or while play favourite game with the friend chat.
  • You can make serve to record for friend or family and stay the speech message through the free X-Box Live letter, can also replace telephone and good friend contact.
  • Open loudly to adjust the small voice, make experience personally the most vigorous game career to make possible.


The microphone strengthen the function and can carry on regulate, obtain the best sound quality.

The supplementary volume control and muting switches allow the customer to regulate the headphones volume or cut over the mute appearance.

The microphone of lowers the speech control that the noise function promotes the game to respond to and provide the pure speech exchanges.

Reducing in weight of, the wear type desigh brings the more comfortable usage experience.

The ear Micheal with put X-360 hand handles or the X-box lead-in hand handles of X-box very easily and directly.

Handy, because I’ve been looking for something to replace my good friend contact for ages.